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over all the years we have been in service


Intermittent Central Suppression Testimonial 1

“All the things they say should happen after the program, have happened. It’s made a huge difference in her reading and writing. As a parent I can endorse it 100 percent. I don’t work with ICS kids myself, but I’ve never seen anything like this program.”

~ Bob Lee, Headmaster, Parent of ‘Corrected’ ICS Child


Intermittent Central Suppression Testimonial 2

“When reading she now has maybe one incidence of spelling out per page – a lot fewer than 6 months ago. In Math she no longer reverses any numbers whatsoever. She is much clearer in her thinking and her reading is coming along quite nicely – she sees herself as a good reader and is often found reading comics! She is also able to recognize when she ‘goes off’ and get herself back.”
~ Mother of ‘Corrected’ ICS Child


Intermittent Central Suppression Testimonial 3

“Her level of self-confidence has gone up at school this year, she is doing better in class, she scored high on a science test and has thwarted the moves of a school bully. She told me that in science she could close her eyes and see the formula for a chemical compound that she needed to know!”

~ Mother of ‘Corrected’ ICS Teen – 6 months after program



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