alternating occlusion training


Alternating Occlusion Training, also referred to as Electronic Rapid Alternate Occlusion,
is an approach to Intermittent Central Suppression in vision therapy, in which electronic
devices such as programmable shutter glasses or goggles are used to block the field
of view of one eye in rapid alternation.

When performing Alternating Occlusion Training, the person wears the occlusion goggle for one hour per day while performing near point activities, such as reading, writing, puzzles, coloring or tracing activities. Do this daily for 30 to 40 days.
Wearing the device encourages or forces the alternating use of both eyes,
similar to eye patching, but rapidly alternating in time.
The aim is to circumvent the tendency to suppress the field of view of the
weaker eye and to train the capacity for binocular vision.

Alternating Occlusion Training Program

Traditionally, eye patches were used to block the field of view of one eye.

The use of the patch generally alternates on a daily or weekly basis between the two eyes, with a long time duration for the patching of the stronger eye and a shorter duration for the patching of the weaker eye.


Strabismic or amblyopic children are often required to wear an eye patch for hours or days.
In contrast to eye patching, training with occlusion goggles allows to use rapid rates of alternation.

The flicker rates at which the occlusion is alternated between the two eyes in alternating
occlusion training are generally much slower than those employed by the widespread
active shutter 3D glasses for viewing 3D television or cinema.

N2 Reading Alternating Occlusion Glass for Intermittent Central Suppression Treatment

The flicker rate is crucial with relation to potential side effects and may possibly
be relevant for the efficacy of the training.

The flickering sequence should be adapted to suit the depth of amblyopia, the required
duration of treatment, the age of the patient, or could be adapted dynamically
according to the visual function behavior of the amblyopic eye.

N2 Reading Glasses are based on this principle of Alternate Occlusion Training.