+ What are the side effects of Treatment Glasses?

Treatment Glasses can have occasional side effects of headaches or discomfort.

+ What is ICS in Layman Term?

ICS is a defect in normal binocular (two-eyed) vision that causes confusion in visual detail

+ What is the Test Duration?

Test Duration is 90 seconds.

+ How does Treatment Glasses Work?

Treatment Glasses work on the principle of Alternate Occlusion Training. Learn more..

+ What are the Symptoms of Dyslexia?

They find it hard to learn or remember the letters of the alphabet. They mispronounce familiar words. “Baby talk” is common. Learn more..

+ How to Test for Intermittent Central Suppression?

You can perform the test at your home using N2 Reading’s Test Glasses. Learn more..

+ What are the Symptoms of ICS?

They say that words on the page appear to blur or jump around. They struggle to follow a series of instructions. Learn more..

+ How would you describe the functioning of your glasses in layman terms?

N2 Reading’s glasses work similar to eye patching one eye for longer duration and then switching to the other eye but here patching is rapidly alternated between the two eyes with pre-defined flicker rates . ICS is a repetitive intermittent loss of visual sensation in the central area of vision.

+ What is the ICS Treatment Duration?

Patients observe improvement within 2 weeks of N2 Reading Treatment Glasses usage