our mission

 N2 Reading’s mission is to make people especially parents aware of the similarity of symptoms
between ICS and dyslexia, while at the same time providing a simple drug free device which
ensures a proper diagnosis and a treatment for the same.



Meet the doctor

Dr. James E. Miller has been in private practice as an Optometrist in middle Tennessee for more than 37 years.
Dr. Miller has made it his personal mission to
help children who struggle to read, excel in school, push them to graduate high school and hopes to raise test scores for children state and nationwide.
He strives to make people aware of the differences between ICS and Dyslexia and to bring out awareness of a proper diagnostic approach towards the cause
through N2 READING glasses.

Dr. James Miller, Optometrist with 37 years of experience.

Dr. James E. Miller


Dr. Miller believes:

Reading as a daily activity or a hobby should not be stalled/underdeveloped due to a misdiagnosis.
Reading at the same grade level as your child is in, would not only help them
in their schools but also help with the future tests.
Your child should be reading at the same grade level as he is in, or even above;
but you’d never know, if your child has been misdiagnosed with dyslexia.
But you’d only know if your child is treated rightly/correctly.
Your child’s vision should not be compromised, and neither will our mission
to make your child excel in school/life.
The right treatment will take your child to the appropriate treatment.