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An "On Switch" to Reading!

Is it Dyslexia?

Does your child really have dyslexia? If so, they will need to be certified by a licensed psychologist in order to obtain the necessary paper work to be assigned an IEP to get the help they need to learn in school. It takes a long time for your child to be referred to the school psychologist. A lot of time can pass before your child gets examined and by then they are very behind in the classroom. A child that can’t read before grade 3 may become a high school dropout.

Did you know there is a condition called Intermittent Central Suppression (ICS) that can have the same exact symptoms as Dyslexia? A person with ICS struggles with a constantly changing visual world. The letter and words are always in motion. You can test for this problem with a home test that takes about 90 seconds to complete. That’s right! No time wasted! And the test only costs about $30.


Facts about ICS:

1.    If your child can’t read by grade 3, they may become a high school dropout

2.    Dyslexia or ICS? Same symptoms. Take the test to find out.

3.    80% of the children not able to read by Grade 3 test positive for ICS

4.    Is your child in special reading class? 80% of remedial readers test positive for ICS

5.    Students in Adult High School fail the ICS test 99.9% of the time

6.    The ICS Test takes 90 seconds

7.    Receive a score of 18 or lower on your ACT? You may have ICS

8.    Optometry’s best kept secret is that ICS causes reading problems

9.    Many children see results in just 2 weeks, once treated for ICS


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Dr. James E. Miller 

Dr. James E. Miller has been in private practice as an Optometrist in middle Tennessee for more than 37 years. Dr. Miller has made it his personal mission to help children who struggle to read excel in school, push them to graduate high school and hopes to raise test scores for children state and nation wide.